03 Aug 2024
St. John's University
fuzhou America Presents 2024 Conference:

Navigating Fuzhounese Identity


You know how the story goes: someone in your family — likely your father/mother, uncle/aunt, or grandfather/grandmother — crossed the Atlantic by boat.

Then, they opened a take-out restaurant in a corner of this country. From the rural villages back in Fuzhou, they succeeded in carving out a space in America.

But with success came sacrifice. Not only did our parents give up their personal freedoms, but many of us also grew up in socially disconnected environments, stranded between assimilating into American life and helping out at the family restaurant. 

We lacked a community that fully understood our struggles with family relations, social dynamics, and personal identity.

Fuzhou America (FZA) is that safe space. Here, at FZA, the next generation find peers who think like us, sound like us, and feel like us. In four years, we’ve united over 8,300 Fuzhounese Americans on Subtle Fuzhou Traits and hosted over 125 events across eight cities.

As we continue to grow our organization - developing our team, cementing
TALK TOO MUCH as our annual conference name, and engaging in meaningful storytelling, we hope to continue creating spaces where our community can empower one another.

In addition to celebrating our Five-Year Anniversary, this year’s conference
“TTM2024: Navigating Fuzhounese Identity” will focus on the complexities of our Fuzhounese Identity. From exploring our rich cultural heritage to unpacking the unique challenges and success of the Fuzhou community, our conference offers something for everyone.

JOIN US for a day of learning, networking, and growing as a collective!


Join a community of motivated Fuzhounese Americans navigating life challenges


Connect with your roots and learn more about Fuzhou history and culture


Challenge the FJ stereotype and own it. Unpack and express our differences, stories, and experiences.


Meet fellow FJs, share stories, and make long-lasting memories

Echoes From East Broadway Conference Recap


Meet our 2024 TALK TOO MUCH Speakers

Ling Ma
Ling Ma
Keynote Speaker
Lu Zhang
Lu Zhang
Co-founder of Chinatown Basketball Club
Herb Tam
Co-founder of Chinatown Basketball Club

Qixin & Shuyu
Fuzhou Sisters

Kai Lin
Fuzhounese American writer, artist, and cultural organizer
David Yang
Owner and Founder of Tangy Crab, Ohana Sushi, Fuel'd Stir Fry and Salads
Brandon Lin
CEO and Founder of
Steam Boys
Ken Guest
Professor, Author, and Public Speaker
Min Opera Group
Fuzhou Opera
Ada Wu
Student at Tufts University
Nora Chen
Food Explorer
Maxi Lau
Owner of Maxi's Noodle


Meet our 2024 TALK TOO MUCH MCs

Clifford Robin Temprosa
Community Leader/Activist
Anna Lin
Mental Health Counselor/Prevention Consultant
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Conference Team

Meet our 2024 TALK TOO MUCH Conference Team!

Vivian Ng
Linda Liu
Xue Lin Wang
Charlie Chen
Allen Cao
Angela Li
Executive Director
Teng Zheng

The Venue

TALK TOO MUCH will be hosted at the D'Angelo Ball Room at St. Johns University

81-98 170th St, Jamaica, NY 11432


Past Sponsors

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Will there be networking sessions?

Doors open at 9:30AM. People are free to mingle and connect freely before the conference starts at 11:00AM. There will be mini-breaks for socializing in between segments. The last program will be dedicated time for networking. There will also be an afterparty as well!

What is included in the cost of my registration?

Your registration includes entry into the event, lunch, and lifelong memories :)

Is there a dress code?

Wear something that is comfortable! The venue will have AC blasting, if you get chilly easily bring a sweater!

Is there an option to attend virtually?

We will not be live-streaming the event, but there will be recap clips that will be shared.

Will there be break out workshops?

There won’t be individual break out sessions.

Can I sponsor the conference?

If you’re interested in sponsoring our event, please send an email to conference@fuzhouamerica.org

Will food be provided? And are there vegan options?

Lunch will be included in the cost of the ticket. We will have a vegan option.

What should I bring?
  • ID
  • Ticket
  • Good vibes
  • and maybe a friend(s) :)
Important Notice: Conference Photography and Videography

Photographers and videographers will be present at the conference to capture moments for promotional and archival purposes. By attending, you grant permission for your likeness to be used in event materials. Your privacy matters; if you have concerns, please inform staff. Contact us at conference@fuzhouamerica.org for questions.

I cannot make it to conference, can I still go to afterparty?

Yes! We sell individual tickets to the afterparty! Please note you must be 21+ to attend afterparty. Location: Flushing, NY Venue: TBD

Where and when is the conference?

The conference will run on Aug 3rd, 2024 EST from 9:30am-5:00pm @ St. John’s University -D’Angelo Ballroom 81-98 170th Street Jamaica, New York. Direction to St. John's University https://www.stjohns.edu/queens-residential-campus/directions-and-area-hotels

Who do I reach out to for questions?

You can reach us at conference@fuzhouamerica.org or message us on Instagram/Facebook at @fuzhouamerica.

Will the talks and panels be recorded?

All talks will be recorded and shared on our social media channels.

I’m not Fuzhounese, can I still benefit from attending?

Of course! Bring your friends! -All the shared experiences and stories from the event will resonate with you, regardless of your background.

Is there a student discount?

Yes! Please have your student ID ready day of during conference check in. Those who fail to present student ID will be required to pay full price GA tickets.

Is there transportation

We will not be providing transportation this year. However, lots of us are carpooling. Feel free to shoot us a message if you need to carpool. Other public transportation options: https://www.stjohns.edu/queens-residential-campus/directions-and-area-hotels

Is there parking?

Yes! Guests are permitted to park on campus. Please enter through Gates 2 and 3 on Utopia Parkway or for drop offs, through Gate 4 on Union Turnpike. https://www.stjohns.edu/sites/default/files/uploads/Queens-Campus-Map_May2023.pdf

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