About Us
We are the primary organization dedicated to fostering Fuzhou American history, culture, and community.

Our Mission

Why We Exist
Our mission is to unite and empower first-generation Fuzhounese people across the world.

Fuzhou, America is a 501c3 non-profit with a 100% volunteer-based team.

Our Vision

What We're Building
  • We are the primary organization for first-generation Fuzhounese people across the world.
  • We have core programs serving high schoolers, college students, and young professionals.
  • We have an extensive library of content and resources promoting our history and culture.
  • We have a motivated leadership team, seasoned veterans willing to devote time and resources, and promising members ready to carry our organization forward.
  • We have organizational infrastructure promoting sustainability built upon institutional knowledge.
  • We have strong external credibility and presence established through community involvement, partnerships, and narrative sharing.

Our Progress

What We've Accomplished
Active online members
Cities represented in our community
Ages 18-34
People gathered through events
Countries represented in our community
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